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Filtration systems.

Wholehouse Filtration System

Whole House Filtration Kit
Designed for whole house application either via Tank supply or Town mains supply, the jumbo KDF-GAC filter is a two media cartridge consisting of KDF media (high purity copper-zinc alloy) and GAC (granulated activated carbon) Through the electrolytic and oxidation reactions of the KDF and the adsorption and entrapment capabilities of the GAC, the KDF-GAC filter can remove or greatly reduce a wide range of contaminants.

   Kit Components
   Jumbo 10” Filter Housing x 2
   Filter 10BDGA – Variable Density Cartridge
   Filter 10BKDF-GAC – Dual Media cartridge Consisting of KDF and GAC
   Stainless Steel Bracket
   Stainless Steel Screws
   Pre-Plumbed with 20 – 25mm (tank supply or town supply) Connection and Ball Valve

   Removes up to 98% of chlorine and dangerous by-products
   Reduces heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury
   Helps control Scale
   KDF controls the build-up of bacteria, algae and fungi in the filter.
   Better tasting water and no bad odour
   Less wear on towels, bedding napkins and other items that are laundered frequently on site
   Removes pesticides and other chemicals
   No chemical additives in the water
   Removes particles, sediment and rust down to 1 micron

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Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Ultraviolet Disinfection System
Greenway® UV systems are designed with compact, high-grade stainless steel chambers which house our efficient, colour- coded UV lamps. Separate electronic controllers (ballasts), power the UV lamps and effectively control the system diagnostics. The single ended lamp design promotes user-friendly, easy lamp changes and simple periodic quartz sleeve cleaning.
The Greenway® VuCap is unique to Greenway® Water Technologies. Now our customers can clearly see when the UV lamp is on.

   99.99% destruction of bacteria (such as E.coli), viruses and protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia)
   No chemicals added to water and no water chemistry changes
   Lamp failure alarm and lamp replacement reminder with 7 segment LED countdown display
   Low maintenance and easy servicing
   Hard glass, long life UV lamp for consistent maximum UV output over entire lamp life
   Compact design for reduced footprint and improved disinfection
   Range of sizes to meet flow rate requirements
   Electronic controller with universal AC input, constant lamp current and low power consumption
   Combination 3/4” - 1.0” NPT inlet/outlet ports for easy installation
   Third party bioassay tested
   New Greenway® VuCap on every system
   Warranty Ballast 2 year, Lamp 1 year (pro rata)
 Chamber 7 Years

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Big White™ Housing 10
Big White™ Housing 20
Inline High Flow Big White™ Housings
For domestic applications for filtering Tank, Bore, well or town supply. Available in Jumbo 10" & 20".

   The US Water Products Big White™ are manufactured with food grade reinforced polypropylene
   With slightly thicker walls and more reinforcing strips, the Big White can handle more pressure than the Big Blue series.
   All have pressure relief buttons.

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Filters for Big White™ Housings
Filters for Big White™ Housings
Jumbo 10” and 20” (Polypleated and Polyspun)

   Polypleated Features
   Large surface area
   Low ΔD
   Washable (>10μ)
   Not recommended for sharp ON/OFF situations
   Removes: Sediment, dirt, fines, some colour, some organics
    NB: Unless otherwise stated Δ = Absolute μ = Micron

   Polyspun Features
   Low ΔD
   True Depth Filter
   85, 95% (efficient) & Absolute Rated Versions Available
   Removes: Sediment, silt, fines, some colour, some organics
    NB: Unless otherwise stated Δ = Absolute μ = Micron

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